Saturday, February 1, 2014

This Week in PEU

PEU headlines for the week include:

"Libya Says Goldman Didn’t Explain Options" - Dealbook
      2008 deal part of West's courting Gadhafi

"KKR Buys Stake in German Soccer Club" - Dealbook   
     Deal done in Davos? 

"PE Manager Hit with Fraud Lawsuit" - FinAlternatives
     Charged with bilking investors of over $9 million.  Can you smell settlement?

"Leeds United takeover agreed subject to Football League approval" -  Football Traded Directory
     The announced 75% owner of Leeds United has twice been convicted of fraud.  A Dubai based PEU GFH Capital is selling the stake. 

"William Broeksmit, Ex-Deutsche Bank Risk Manager, Dies at 58" - Bloomberg
      Broeksmit was a pioneer in interest rate swaps and derivatives.  He warned of risks to Orange County from such investments, which later caused the largest municipal bankruptcy.  The 58 year old man committed suicide by hanging.

"JPMorgan Technology VP Dies in Fall From London Headquarters" - Bloomberg
     This is the second suicide this week.  This follows several other private equity suicides or attempts.

"Third Banker, Former Fed Member, 'Found Dead' Inside A Week"  - Zero Hedge
      With stocks a mere 4% off their highs, why are so many high ranking and well respected bankers committing suicide?

It's the strangest week for big money boy news.  What does it portend?