Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Banks Bourne Hosts Carlyle's Rubenstein

BusinessWire reported:

“At Bourne Partners, we believe strongly in leveraging our network of industry experts and corporate connections in order to play an active role in helping businesses grow.” 

Bourne Partners, a healthcare advisory and merchant banking firm comprised of Bourne Capital Partners, LLC (BCP) and Bourne Partners Alternative Assets, LLC (BPAA), held its annual conference recently, with industry leaders participating in a variety of panel discussions regarding healthcare, consumer and private equity issues.

The two-day event featured several prominent speakers, including Joe Piemont, President and COO of Carolinas HealthCare System; David Simmons, CEO of Pharmaceutical Product Development, LLC (PPD is a Carlyle Group affiliate); and David Rubenstein, noted philanthropist and co-founder of The Carlyle Group. 
The greed and leverage crowd aim to remake healthcare.  Rest assured their billions in added interest expense, dividend bleeding and 30% annual return on equity will cost health care consumers dearly.