Friday, January 16, 2015

Condi "Informs" the Public

The NYT reported:

White House officials favor two primary tactics when they want to kill a news article, Condoleezza Rice, the former national security adviser, testified Thursday: They can essentially confirm the report by arguing that it is too important to national security to be published, or they can say that the reporter has it wrong.
Politicians try to bury the story or lie.   This is the same Condi Rice who lectured the Middle East that democracy requires a growing middle class, the very group decimated under two terms of President George W. Bush, followed by two terms of President Barack H. Obama. 

The Obama administration has persuaded reporters to delay publishing the existence of a drone base in Saudi Arabia, the name of a country in which a drone strike against an American citizen was being considered, the fact that a diplomat arrested in Pakistan was a C.I.A. officer and that an American businessman was working for the agency when he disappeared in Iran.
 The rewards for burying illicit activities and lying are significant.  Condi Rice sits on numerous corporate boards and storied companies hired her consulting firm. 

Frankly, if Condi Rice's lips are moving she could be lying.  That's what her record shows and the Government-Corporate Monstrosity clearly approves.