Saturday, November 12, 2016

Donald's Great Transition Team: Half Family and PEUs

President elect Donald Trump's Transition Team will be led by a sixteen person executive committee, which is comprised of four relations (above in red) and three private equity underwriters (PEUs in blue).  Add one daughter of a billionaire PEU and that's half of the leadership for the transition team.

Trump's children said they would not play any role in governing and their first act is to appoint those who will.  Donald said their would be strict separation.  How can this be?

Anyone who has worked for an overly egocentric boss knows their stance can change instantly.  They shift because of their need to maintain their image in the present moment.  That image has them as all knowing, all powerful and always right.  It matters not that they said the very opposite just a few minutes before.  Tell them that and they'll deny it.  That's what they need to do to maintain their image in that very moment.  Of course, it drives people around them insane.

Trump's handlers corralled him for the last ten days of the election as he employed the Reagan strategy.  This level of containment cannot last for a man used to sharing his spontaneous greatness with the world.

Donald Trump will pivot, flip-flop, and do a 180 more than once.  Each time he will act like his current position is the one he always had.  He will not acknowledge he offered an opposing position in the past.  His current thinking/stance will automatically be projected back in time while his greatness is ongoing and knows no bounds.  Audiotape and film footage are irrelevant.

Donald Trump believe his greatness will make America great again.  That would be nice, but along the way it may drive some people crazy.  That starts with people who thought Donald's kids would have no role in governing.