Monday, July 30, 2018

Obama Offers Compassion for Bribers

President Obama defended titans of industry in a South Africa speech honoring Nelson Mandela.  He said:

".... their decision to pay a bribe- are often done without malice...
These words were stated by a constitutional lawyer.  He went on:

"it’s just a rational response, they consider, to the demands of their balance sheets...."
I've read many balance sheets and not one ever made a demand.  Obama furthered the PEU class during his eight years in office.  He protected Wall Street executives from accountability for their fraudulent acts that caused the 2008 financial crisis.  For his service he has been and will be richly rewarded.

Update 9-29-18:  The greed and leverage boys hate to be caught in their mendacious acts.  They have no compassion for whistleblowers.   As President Barack Obama made life very difficult for whistleblowers.