Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Denka Executives Dishonor Cancer Victims

The Guardian reported:

Residents of Reserve, Louisiana aimed to present evidence to Denka that its plant’s toxic emissions are responsible for high rates of cancer in their town.

Lydia Gerard and Robert Taylor never came close to losing their composure, even when it became clear that that their 7,000-mile journey from the southern United States to Japan was about to come to nought.

Denied even the courtesy of a brief meeting – in a country fabled for its levels of civility – with representatives of a Japanese company they blame for spewing a toxic chemical into the air above their home town, they listened patiently as uniformed guards repeatedly told them to turn around and leave – immediately.
Denka executives dishonored their visitors from Cancer Town, USA, as they pursue medical ventures.

Denka's President prioritized private equity underwriting (PEU) over basic courtesy.

That's not sound social development.  It's the way of the word-twisting greed and leverage boys.