Friday, March 16, 2012

Rahm & Rubenstein to Speak at Ex-Im Bank

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Carlyle co-founder David Rubenstein will speak at the Export-Import Bank's Annual Conference in mid April.

Plenary Speakers
  • President Bill Clinton, Founder, Clinton Foundation and
    Clinton Global Initiative
  • Samuel Allen, Chairman and CEO, Deere & Company
  • Scott Davis, Chairman and CEO, UPS
  • Rahm Emanuel, Mayor, City of Chicago, Illinois
  • Ellen Kullman, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Dupont
  • Andrew Liveris, President, CEO and Chairman, Dow Chemical Company
  • David Rhodes, President, CBS News
  • David Rubenstein, Co-founder and Managing Director, The Carlyle Group
  • Jeffrey D. Sachs, Director, The Earth Institute, Columbia University
  • Richard J. Tobin, President and Chief Executive Officer, Case New Holland
  • Robert Wolf, Chairman, UBS Americas
The last time the news had Rahm and Rubenstein at the same place it was D.C.'s Blue Duck Tavern, with Rahm President Obama's Chief of Staff.

Given the Ex-Im Bank's meeting is in D.C., this pair could reprise their 2009 dinner.  Who's dangling what for whom, given this pair are quintessential greed/power players?

Update 3-17-12:  Rahm is consistent in who he serves.