The money will help to digitize the collection, making the material accessible to scholars around the world and unlocking untold stories.  When you digitize, you can start to connect the dots and draw links between events and people, between papers, photographs and oral testimony.  
Rubenstein said the ongoing conflict in Ukraine also motivated him to make the donation. Russian atrocities in Ukraine show that the lessons of the Holocaust still need to be taught, and he feels a “moral obligation” to help. .

The news broke the day after Rubenstein held a fireside chat at the Milken Global Conference, the California gather of global tamperers.

Rubenstein's chat was by invitation only.  I wonder if he mentioned Carlyle's profiteering from flipping defense contractors?

Carlyle was one of the nation's 15 biggest defense contractors from 1998 to 2003, according to the Pentagon.
Carlyle's current defense holdings could benefit from naval conflict.

Did David mention his decades of preferred taxation?  Non-lobbyist Rubenstein regularly phoned or visited Capital Hill to thwart changes to carried interest taxation.

Yes, dots should be connected.  It's just harder to do for policy making billionaires who make patriotic donations.