Friday, June 13, 2014

NBC Employs Daughters of America's Royal Families

Politico revealed Chelsea Clinton earned $600,000 a year working part time for NBC.  NBC also employs Jenna Bush Hagar, another White House Royal.  The Clintons are the titular head of the Blue Team while the Bushes lead the Red Team.

Cementing their political dominance, rumors have it Blue Hillary Clinton could square off against Red Jeb Bush in 2016.  That would be both instructive and sad. 

Politico said this about Chelsea's other work while earning over half a million at NBC:

In that time (since November 2011), Clinton’s principal occupation has been the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, where she has been a major force in steering her parents’ charitable work in the final years of her mother’s tenure at the State Department, and since.
That's the same charitable foundation that hired Clinton's friends and used money in unethical ways.  The William J. Clinton Foundation was renamed the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation in April 2013.   Chelsea went from working 2 hours a week for the foundation in 2011 to 30 hours a week in 2012 (source IRS 990 forms). 

Chelsea earned $300,000 sitting on IAC's board of directors.  No word on how much NYU paid her to be Assistant Provost or the Clinton Foundation paid her. 

Who else gets $900,000 a year for two very part-time jobs?  The Royals do...