Monday, August 4, 2014

Eric Cantor House Majority PEUtz

FinAlternatives reported:

According to Politico, Eric Cantor (R-Va) is leaning towards Wall Street over K Street and taking most seriously opportunities in banking or alternative investments. The website notes that since his shocking primary defeat, Cantor has spent most of his summer in the Hamptons, where he’s likely to have been rubbing shoulders with the financial elite. Cantor has long been a close ally of Wall Street on Capitol Hill. 

That's not Hampton, Virginia.

The majority of U.S. elected officials support their PEU sponsors, including the White House and Congress.   Water carrier Eric Cantor kept preferred carried interest taxation in place for the last decade, as Congress defeated repeated challenges.   

So Eric Cantor will join Evan Bayh (Apollo), Bill Frist (Cressey), Joe Lieberman (Victory Park), Tim Geithner & Phil Gramm (Warburg Pincus), David Petraeus & Ken Mehlman (KKR), John Snow & Dan Quayle (Cerberus), Mac McLarty & Charles Rossotti (Carlyle Group).  Bill Clinton PEU'd twice, once with Yucaipa and another with Teneo as did Al Gore (Kleiner Perkins).

Eric Cantor may soon be a PEU.  I view the lot as greedy putzes.