Thursday, February 26, 2015

Carlyle DBD's Bring Home $288.4 Million in Dividends

The Carlyle Group's three co-founders received nearly $300 million in dividends last year.  That's roughly $100 million each.  The actual numbers are:

David M. Rubenstein earned the most dividends, coming in at $98,229,255, documents show. William E. Conway and Daniel A. D’Aniello each took home $95,094,256 in dividends.
Each co-founder earns a salary and garners income from investments in Carlyle's various offerings.  Dealbook reported:

All told, the roughly $803.1 million that the three men received surpassed the $750 million they received in 2013.

Note that none offered any of their personal resources to refund investors who lost millions investing in Carlyle Capital Corporation.  Also, any legal settlements come from Carlyle's funds, not the top leaders pocketbooks.

We'll have to wait and see how high this vaults Carlyle's troika up the U.S./global billionaires list.