Friday, June 5, 2015

Carlyle Chief Puts Money on Jeb

The Intercept reported:

Former Gov. Jeb Bush has spent much of the year raising money for his Super PAC, called Right to Rise, without disclosing his donors.

Glenn Youngkin, managing director of the Carlyle Group, the investment firm that owns Booz Allen Hamilton, gave $10,000, according to a disclosure statement posted on the company’s website. Because Carlyle manages pension fund money, the company faces special campaign finance requirements.
Carlyle Group has been good to the Bush family, including President George H. W. Bush, President George W. Bush and Presidential hopeful John Ellis "Jeb" Bush.

Carlyle intends to keep its insider connections to power, thus their ongoing support of the Clintons should continue.  Carlyle hired both President Bill Clinton and Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton to give speeches to their investors.  Not the unit holder kind.

Jeb's Right to Rise PAC caters to the already risen.  As a hegemonic power Carlyle will work with either a Red or Blue team President.  It's all in the PEU family.