Tuesday, June 9, 2015

PEU Reps at Bilderberg

Private equity underwriters (PEU) join government, business and media representatives this week for the annual gathering of global tamperers, otherwise known as Bilderberg.  PEU invitees are surprisingly consistent when compared to the 2011 list.  Bob Rubin will be the underground PEU as there is no mention of his work for Centerview Partners.

Bloomberg, The Economist, FT, Google and Google's DeepMind will attend but not write one story about the event.  Palantir's CEO Alex Karp will attend and likely provide high tech security for the fort like event.  Bilderbergers will discuss how the West created ISIS through its over reliance on violence as means to solve problems and its longstanding pattern of pitting oppressed groups against one another.

The Guardian has been the only major media organization to cover Bilderberg.  Will they be allowed in Bilderberg's airspace?

Update 6-10-15:  No on the airspace.