Monday, September 14, 2015

Carlyle Buys Corinthian Medical Condo

The Real Deal reported:

The Carlyle Group picked up a medical office condominium unit at the base of the Corinthian in Murray Hill for $48 million, according to property records filed with the city Monday.

The seller, ProMed Properties, bought the three-floor, 81,000-square-foot commercial condo unit for $31 in 2011 from Spitzer Enterprises.

Bernard Spitzer, father of former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who now runs the company, developed the Corinthian in 1987.
The medical condo was last sold for $30.6 million four years ago.  That's a $17.4 million or 57% profit.  Think what Carlyle's PEU ownership will do to healthcare costs.  Skyrocket in sight, especially when it's time to flip their already enlarged investments.

Next up for the greed and leverage boys?  It's the food on your table.  It's enough to make one sick.