Thursday, March 10, 2016

Rubenstein Recalls His Book

Showbiz*411 reported:

A few years ago Rubenstein signed a contract with HarperCollins for a book called “Beyond Wall Street: Inside The Rise Of Private Equity.” It was listed in all the HarperCollins catalogs and due for publication in 2009. Well, calendar pages flew by, and the most recent date scheduled was for December 2015. But that date came and went. Now I’m told that Rubenstein has pulled the book, even though it was written, edited, and ready to be sold.
Google Books promoted Rubenstein's book with:

A founder of the Carlyle Group explains how a rise in private equity is changing the future of investing, in a guide that covers how private equity works, the inner functions of private equity firms, and how everyday investors can make significant returns.
Book hawked the book with:

Rubenstein offers the first look at an industry that touches ordinary investors through pension funds, university and charitable endowments, and funds that may someday be available to almost anyone who is attracted to returns that consistently outperform the stock market
I'd like to think PEUReport chronicles the meteoric and frightening rise of private equity underwriters over the last nine years.  WSJ just did a piece on a Carlyle fund that echoes these themes.