Friday, July 22, 2016

Bliderberg Protector Thiel Stumps for Trump

Silicon Valley's Peter Thiel endorsed Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump in Cleveland.  Frankly, his speech is odd in light of what Thiel said fifteen months ago:

“Calling our society a democracy is very misleading,” Thiel went on. “We’re not a republic; we’re not a constitutional republic. We live in a state that’s dominated by these technocratic agencies.”

Government isn't sclerotic, it's been overrun by a toxic virus of "technocratic agencies" looking to optimize Uncle Sam's trillion dollar budget for their personal gain.

It delivered for Peter Thiel.  The CIA funded Palantir, his startup security company.

A Palantir is a seeing rock.  Thiel's firm uses massive secret databases for spying purposes.  That can't happen in a functioning constitutional republic with a 4th amendment protecting the public from illegal search and seizure 

Bloomberg highlighted Palantir's roots:

They devised ways to get information about a person’s computer, the other people he did business with, and how all this fit into the history of transactions.
Fortune called Palantir's technology "maximally unintrusive."   

Bloomberg described:

Using Palantir technology, the FBI can now instantly compile thorough dossiers on U.S. citizens, tying together surveillance video outside a drugstore with credit-card transactions, cell-phone call records, e-mails, airplane travel records, and Web search information. 
Palantir protects the annual global tamperer confab, also know as Bilderberg.  This technocratic agency warranted its own "no fly zone" in the Swiss Alps.  It produces positions its attendees are supposed to advance.  Participants are required to maintain absolute secrecy.

This makes Bilderberg what, a governing body, a cult or a terrorist group?  Peter Thiel endorsed Trump as the next Chief Executive for Technocratic Agencies.

GovCon 8 was Palantir's largest and most successful conference to date with over 1,500 attendees from government, military, intelligence, and financial sectors.
Trump stands to send huge security business Palanatir's way.

Update 7-24-16:  Jesse's Crossroads Cafe offered:
 "Our plutocracy, whether the hedge fund managers in Greenwich, Connecticut, or the Internet moguls in Palo Alto, now lives like the British did in colonial India: ruling the place but not of it." 
 Mike Lofgren, The Deep State: The Fall of the Constitution and the Rise of a Shadow Government, 5 January 2016

Update 11-11-16:  Thiel will serve on President elect Trump's transition team.

Update 7-30-17:  The past is predictive of the future until it's not.  Hedge funds and banks now make use of Palantir's seeing eye to make billionaires richer.  That's our bipartisan democracy in America in 2017.