Friday, July 8, 2016

Carlyle Group Like Hillary: No Consequences for Unauthorized Mountain Water Sale

 The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reported:

When The Carlyle Group purchased Mountain Water in 2011, it had also agreed not to sell the utility without PSC approval.
The Carlyle Group did just that in January.
The $150,000 fine for failing to fulfill Carlyle's original commitment is not coming out of Carlyle's pocket.

A Missoula water company (Mountain Water) has agreed to pay a $150,000 fine over its unauthorized sale and the new owner has agreed the utility can’t be sold again without Public Service Commission approval.
Mountain Water is paying the $150,000 fine.  The new promise sounds alot like the old promise which Carlyle reneged upon for profit purposes.  This is hardly justice.

Just as no reasonable prosecutor would charge Hillary Clinton for her negligent e-mail activity, no reasonable regulator would penalize the PEU that profited handsomely by ignoring their stated regulatory commitment.

Political royal families and private equity underwriters (PEU) share an ability to remain above the law.

Update 7-9-16:  ZeroHedge called it impunity which fits with The Carlyle Group.  IMPEUNITY