Sunday, July 24, 2016

Governor Tim Kaine Kept Study on Virginia's Health Reform Secret

In 2007 Virginia Governor Tim Kaine refused to share a study used by Health and Human Services Secretary Marilyn Tavenner to reform the state's healthcare system.  Tavenner used the privately funded but publicly used document in fulfilling her charge to Governor Kaine.

"With more than one million Virginians lacking health care coverage and growing shortages of health professionals in all disciplines across the commonwealth and the nation, we must look for creative ways to further improve the delivery of health care to all Virginians"--Gov. Kaine
As there is no report to review the public can't look for ways in which healthcare companies stood to profit from actions taken by Governor Kaine and Secretary Tavenner.

Politico reported on Governor Kaine:

Teva Pharmaceuticals gave him $12,000 for travel to the August 2006 Democratic Governors Association meeting in Aspen. The Israeli drug company lobbied the state government and later bought a facility in Forest, Virginia.

Americans know health care has become increasingly unaffordable and unavailable under high deductible plans where the individual is responsible for a greater portion of health care bills as employers shed their traditional responsibility to insure workers and retirees.  For most workers rising health insurance costs quickly ate up paltry wage increases employers infrequently doled out.  

If Mrs. Tavenner's name sounds familiar she was head of President Obama's HHS.  Many will recall Congressman grilling her over the abysmal rollout of public health insurance exchanges.  She's now the head of AHIP, the health insurance lobbying group.  That group had undue influence in reforming our healthcare system.  PPACA passed in part due to President Bill Clinton.

Today's abysmal, overly expensive healthcare system is a product of both political parties putting corporate will and welfare over that of citizens.  Tim Kaine helped this change happen in Virginia behind closed doors.  Obama's White House did the very same.

Those who like their healthcare:  Tim Kaine and Hillary Clinton are for you.