Sunday, January 1, 2017

It's a PEU New Year!

Billionaires will gather in Davos, Switzerland later this month for the annual World Economic Forum meeting.  Private jets will swarm the Swiss Alps and the lucky ones will safely settle in hangars.  The unlucky will have to drop off their star passengers and spend the night elsewhere 

The Federal Council has also imposed security restrictions on the airspace over Davos to safeguard air sovereignty. 
The Swiss people will go all out to protect the Western globalist ruling and corporate elite:

All cantons in Switzerland make personnel and equipment available for maintaining security and for protecting people and property as part of an inter-cantonal police operation. The Federal Assembly has also authorised the deployment of up to 5,000 armed forces personnel for civil support duties to assist the canton of Graubünden.
Anyone trying to enter Davos will undergo scrutiny:

Precautionary personal, vehicle and baggage checks will however be carried out on all access roads. The primary concern is to prevent any dangerous items, such as firearms and other weapons from being brought into Davos. The checks are intended to protect people attending the conferences, residents and visitors. The Graubünden authorities guarantee that the checks on access routes to Davos will take place quickly and without harassment. However, delays at checkpoints remain possible
The Davos elite are the mix of political and corporate power that have undone so many the last few decades. Inequality has been a theme at Davos since 2013.  A symbol of this growing inequality is the shipping container accommodation staff may endure at Davos 2018.  Another symbol is of worsening inequality is CEO vs. employee retirement funding.

It will be interesting to see whose private plane jets out early to attend the January 20 inauguration of President Donald Trump.  Might Trump, himself a billionaire, make an appearance at the World Economic Forum?  Interesting questions as the world becomes less predictable on an event by event basis.  The arc of the greed and power boys winning remains firmly in place.