Friday, January 20, 2017

Thiel Sold Trump & More

Silicon Valley Trump supporter Peter Thiel showed his understanding of what it takes to sell in Davos, Switzerland

Two doors down from the Facebook house, the software giant Palentir has built a party venue with a replica front section of a private jet plonked in the middle of the room.
Thiel backed Palantir protects another annual gathering of global tamperers, The Bilderberg Group.  Palantir is maximally invasive:

Using Palantir technology, the FBI can now instantly compile thorough dossiers on U.S. citizens, tying together surveillance video outside a drugstore with credit-card transactions, cell-phone call records, e-mails, airplane travel records, and Web search information.
How does Palantir protect billionaires in private jets?  Might they be selling populist tracking services.  I can picture the demo:

Video shows Citizen A purchased tar from Home Depot in Lausanne.  They met up with Citizen B who'd bought several dozen goose down pillows and Citizen C who had a gas grill and large pot.  A camera outside the Davos airport showed tar bubbling on the grill and the three populists using a knife to cut a hole in feather pillows.
What lucky Davos attendee got to engage Palantir's private plane counter-populist security features?

Given the fear of an angry populace I'll venture most went to the most severe punishment, the Dynamo feature.

Now that Davos is over Thiel's future includes a possible California Governor run or a Trump appointment as German Ambassador.  The theory is once maximally invasive, always maximally invasive.  We'll see if it holds or requires revision.

Update 4-21-18:  Palantir is above the law according to ZeroHedge