Saturday, January 7, 2017

Trump Refills Swamp with Goldmanders

Presidential candidate Donald Trump's harsh words for Goldman Sachs evaporated after his election victory.  He's now a full fledged admirer of the Goldman boys, having appointed a number to official positions within his looming administration.  Goldman has long prioritized greed over ethics and real people over multiple White House reigns.  Serial criminal behavior results in relatively minuscule fines relative to the size of their fraudulent enterprise.  More Goldmanders are under consideration for the Trump swamp refill.

Update 1-30-17:  ZeroHedge noted same with their Nomi Prins observation.

Update 1-31-17:  Wall Street on Parade did likewise.

Update 2-12-17:  Trump is now worried about it.

Update 11-9-17:  The Trump swamp stinks.