Monday, March 27, 2017

Rubenstein Funds PEU Oriented Brookings

The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported Carlyle Group co-founder and patriotic philanthropist donated $20 million to Washington think tank The Brookings Institution. 

Brookings Institution
The Washington billionaire David Rubenstein pledged $20 million, in part to establish the David M. Rubenstein Fellowships, a program for early and midcareer scholars and other experts. Fellows will be appointed for two years to conduct research and analysis and generate policy ideas and recommendations on key governance challenges of the 21st century. The first class will be in place by September. The money will also support the institution's Foreign Policy Research program. The $20 million will be paid over six years. Mr. Rubenstein is a co-founder of the Carlyle Group, a private-equity firm, and a co-chair of the Brookings Board of Trustees.
Brookings' board is populated by private equity supporters from America's Red and Blue political parties.  Some names are in PEU Report archives.

Don't expect Brookings to offer anything other than continued benefits to the greed/leverage boys.  Universities and think tanks have been co-opted by Larry Summers' desire to profit handsomely and be heard.

Rubenstein's $20 million donation shouts in Rockerfeller fashion and will echo throughout D.C.'s swamps for decades.