Thursday, April 13, 2017

United CEO's Three Steps to Apology

United's CEO Oscar Munoz blamed a "disruptive and belligerent" passenger for his on-board beating after stressing the passenger had to be re-accommodated.  That Munoz communication failed to mention the passenger's re-accommodation to a hospital bed and the man's need for reconstructive surgery.  Munoz eventually worked his way to an apology and accepting responsibility.

United hired CEO Oscar Munoz in September 2015.  He took a medical leave of absence from October 19, 2015 until March 14, 2016.  For six weeks of work in 2015 Munoz earned $5.8 million.

The United CEO's 2016 pay should be made public the end of April in a SEC filing.  That's also when an operational review will be completed.

Mr Munoz promised employees a review of airline policy on overbooked flights, and an examination of how they work with city and airport authorities. The results should be available by April 30.
Change is in the air for United.  Dr. Dao won't fly anytime soon.  Injustice lasts until justice is served.  It can come from the top but that requires reflection, insight and balance, rare characteristics in our hallowed halls of power.

Munoz needs to promise customers they won't be manhandled on-board after getting felt up by TSA agents via stepped up pat downs.  Anger lives against the abuse of power, corporate, police and political.  United's customer beating just added to it.

Aside:  Munoz was CEO of CSX Corporation prior to joining United.  He went from "throwing bums off trains to tossing physicians off planes."  That's a step up.

Update 4-16-17:  United "will no longer allow employees to take the place of civilian passengers who have already boarded overbooked flights."  Translation:  United will no longer instruct employees to forcibly evict seated passengers to make room for other employees/contractors.