Thursday, April 26, 2018

Man Sentenced for Stealing Fajitas

USA Today reported:
A former Texas juvenile center employee who confessed to stealing $1.2 million in fajitas received a 50-year prison sentence last week.  Cameron County Assistant District Attorney Peter Gilman asked for the 50-year sentencing to send "a strong message."

Officers last summer found fajitas in the fridge of Gilberto Escamilla, a then-employee of the the Cameron County Juvenile Justice Department who later admitted to stealing and reselling the marinated meat over years. 

“It was selfish. It started small and got bigger and out of control,” Escamilla said during his testimony, according to the Brownsville Herald. “It got to the point where I couldn’t control it anymore.”
He should have borrowed against the value of the fajitas, charged a management fee of $1.2 million and declared bankruptcy.  No jail time.