Monday, December 8, 2008

Carlyle's Mack McLarty Teams Up with Carlyle's Bob Johnson on Dealerships

A week after the credit crisis hit, a Carlyle Group Senior Adviser and joint venture partner got together to purchase a Little Rock Harley Davidson dealership. Mack McLarty and Robert L. Johnson did the deal. Fortunately, the big money men had the resources to close, even as credit evaporated.

The Carlyle Group has a history of discerning federal tea leaves. Affiliate Boston Private will pocket $153 million in TARP money.

Will Mack or Bob garner any of the Big 3 auto bailout money, given their status as the largest minority owned dealership group? If dealers don't get a chunk of phase 1, are they angling for a post Obama giveaway?

Billionaire community banker Bob Johnson milked his minority status in a picture with President Bush. I think his status helped Urban Trust in the federal student loan arena, where they partner with Goldman Sachs.

Pay attention, folks. $7 trillion is washing through our financial system and a $1 trillion stimulus package is soon to follow. The big money men want their hands on America's sovereign IOU fund.

Where there's a will, there's a way. The Carlyle Group, Mack McLarty, and Bob Johnson understand both will and way.