Saturday, December 6, 2008

Private Equity Flush with Uninvested Capital

News reports show plenty of dry powder on the sidelines as taxpayer money rescues failing company after company. The Apollo Group has $20 billion ready to invest. Others include:

Bain Capital $20 billion
TPG $30 billion
Carlyle Group $40 billion
KKR $16 billion

Private equity is stressed from high leverage and investing in Wall Street's innovative products, the ones that burrow deep into a portfolio before exploding. Yet, the similarly stressed individual taxpayer is forced by Congress to fund bailout after bailout.

Carlyle Group affiliate Boston Private Financial Holdings got $153 million in TARP money. BPFH caters to the high net worth marketplace. Thank heaven the rich can get loans on the taxpayer's back. And thank heaven, the PEU boys can sit on billions while our financial system continues imploding. Cake anyone? Or is it tea and crumpets...