Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hair of the Dog from the Fed

The Federal Reserve Bank announced it would keep the Fed funds rate at record low levels, while it buys mortgage backed securities. It wants to get loan securitization restarted.

Isn't this the same juice that fermented the American economy? Imagine if Johnson & Johnson kept cyanide tainted Tylenol on the shelf. What if J & J asked the federal government to buy traunches of possibly poisonous product, while they kept production lines running?

Of course, non-tampered caplets have residual value. The government will resell them later. Just do it before the expiration date!

Our current economic hangover hurts like heck. Hair of the dog should get rid of it. Where's the next round of greed and leverage? Who's willing to lie, cheat and steal for performance based pay? There are no executive pay restrictions when the Fed TARPies! Let your hair down, Ben Bernake...