Thursday, September 20, 2012

Concordia Kids' Extreme Luck Uneclipsed

The Western sun continues to shine on Matthew Swift and Nicholas Logothesis, founders of the Concordia Summit.  Concordia's upcoming meeting will focus on extremism and how governments can address extremism through public-private partnerships.  Their latest luck came from Middle Eastern outrage over the anti-Prophet movie trailer on the anniversary of 9-11.  It followed landing President George W. Bush, just weeks after conceiving of their summit idea.

The Kids incredible luck continued to the extreme.  A French magazine ran a cartoon of a naked Muhammed.  Next up is an ad campaign that displays Muslim extremists as savages.  It will run in the New York subway, which oddly has its own spate of savages.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cited the problem of extremism.   It happens President Bill Clinton is the headline speaker for the extremist oriented Concordia Kids.

One couldn't ask for better public events to drive interest pre-meeting.  The Concordia Summit starts a week from today.  It seems the world conspires toward the Concordia Kids ascendancy.

Update 9-23-12:  The Kids' meeting runs right after the Clinton Global Initiative, which will draw leaders from Egypt and Libya.  Might they stay for the Kids' event?  President Barack Obama and hopeful Mitt Romney will make the pilgrimage to feet of Bill Clinton, who shares a PEU background.  

Update 9-24-12:  Hillary kicked off "Extremist Week" in New York at her husband's Clinton Global Initiative. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad did his part at the United Nations.