Sunday, September 16, 2012

Luck of the Concordia Kids!

What if two kids, shortly out of college, got the idea to hold a summit on counter-extremism and an ex-President and members of his Homeland Security apparatus showed up?

In the summer of 2011, friends and business partners Nick Logothetis and Matt Swift had an idea for convening a group of thought leaders in the midst of the 10th anniversary of 9/11 to discuss the importance of partnerships in combating extremism

President George W. Bush, Frances Townsend and John Negroponte did just that for Matthew Swift and Nicholas Logothetis, founders of the Concordia Summit.

On September 20th, 2011 the inaugural event of The Concordia Summit convened in New York City to examine the international fight against terrorism and the struggle to combat the breeding of extremist thought.
The cards fell in place for this pair to pull off a high profile meeting of international leaders in a few short months.

What if the next year they land another ex-President and an esteemed Senator, runner up in the last Presidential Campaign?  President Bill Clinton and Senator John McCain will headline the boys' second summit.

What if a movie trailer displaying the Prophet Muhammed in a vile light got widespread play in the Muslim world on the anniversary of 9-11 and incited deadly protests at American embassies?  That would generate huge interest in a counter-extremism summit.

To counter "extremism", one needs large displays of extremism.

I expect the vile video to be a major topic at Concordia.  Which public-private partnership made the mysterious video?  How would the country of origin rate in the yet to be revealed Concordia Index?

What if the summit attracted a Rothschild?

To have the luck of the Concordia Kids, focusing on extremism at just the right time!

Update 9-18-12:  A French satirical magazine will run Prophet cartoons   Go long on the Concordia Kids Index!

Update 11-28-22:  The Concordia Kids are still going.   Their Leadership Council has KKR's David Petraeus, Enlightenment Capital's Jeh Johnson and Fran Townsend, the author of the abysmal Lessons Learned report on Hurricane Katrina.