Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Snowden Faces Monster Wave of Retaliation

The Carlyle Group's investment in Booz Allen Hamilton dropped nearly $80 million since Edward Snowden revealed his identity as the NSA whistleblower.  Carlyle has a reputation for getting elected officials to support their PEU positions.

Politicians, of Red and Blue stripes, called for Snowden's prosecution.  Bloomberg reported:

South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham (Red Team) described Snowden’s actions “not as one of patriotism but potentially a felony.”  

Carlyle located Vought Aircraft Industries Boeing Dreamliner production in South Carolina as Graham sat on a Senate Defense Committee.

Senator Bill Nelson (Florida Blue Team) said Snowden’s leak of classified information constitutes “treason.”  

Florida is putting up millions in economic incentives for two Carlyle Group affiliates to expand production, TurboCombuster and Chromalloy.

America's Government-Corporate Monstrosity hates losing money and looking bad.  Snowden has a retaliation tsunami headed his way.

Update 6-12-13:  Carlyle's BAH holdings are now down $134 million.  Their impulse for retaliation must be outsized.

Update 6-27-13:  The outsized retaliatory impulse reached reporter Glenn Greenwald.  The Government-Corporate Monstrosity hates to be outed.

Update 7-4-13:  The monster wave of retaliation will keep breaking on Snowden until he goes under. Obama and his minions dined with Carlyle Group co-founder David Rubenstein more than once recently. Snowden made Carlyle's Booz Allen Hamilton look bad, a cardinal sin in the big money/power crowd.

Obama isn't about truth or freedom. He's about parenting the country. Pipsqueak Snowden made Big Daddy look bad and cost his supporters tens of millions, maybe more. That's why Edward Snowden must pay. Get that, other potential whistleblowers?