Monday, June 10, 2013

Carlyle Downs Booz Culture

Economic Policy Journal reported on his interview with a former Booz Allen Hamilton employee::

He said no one talks anything illegal at Booz Allen, but there is a kind of code talk where things have a second deeper meaning. "If you understand how the game is played, and can check your integrity at the door, you can get very far in the firm and lead a cushy life," he said. If you are unwilling to play the game or are too naive to understand deeper meanings, you are not going to get very far. He said Booz Allen is infected with a culture that seeks power and access
He didn't go into what exactly goes on at Booz Allen that requires deeper meaning. I just got the sense it was a very dark world and that it was this dark world that my contact believed Snowden was horrified by and caused him to leak the information he did.

My source tells me that Booz Allen always had important USG contracts, but they really picked up when the Carlyle Group bought Booz Allen. That's when you really started to see the Penatgon and CIA contracts flow in, he said. He said that with Carlyle's strong USG contacts, they knew Booz Allen was a perfect firm to take over. He said that's when the firm really started to develop a national security mentality. He said that's when the firm became highly connected with the USG. He said he occasionally saw the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at Booz Allen headquarters, as well as Carlyle vice chairman John Michael "Mike" McConnell - former Director of National Intelligence (2007–2009); formerly Director of the National Security Agency (1992–96); retired in 1996 as Vice Admiral, United States Navy, among other high level players.

My source tells me that he fully expects Booz Allen, the Penatgon, the CIA, the NSA etc. to close ranks and go after not only Snowden, but his family. They will go after them in open ways and subtly. The full wrath of the USG is going to come down on them, he says. That's the way the military-industrial-intelligence complex works. Indeed, he says, its the real reason the intelligence part of complex was built, to deal with situations like this.

John Michael McConnell is Vice Chairman of Booz Allen Hamilton, not Carlyle. Alongside McConnell on the Booz board of directors are three Carlyle Group representatives, Peter Clare, Allan Holt and Ian Fujiyama.

Besides McConnell, Booz's Dov Zakheim is a Washington, D.C. insider bringing big government business to the firm.   Dov knows big boys don't pay a price for their misdeeds or incompetence.  It's the Snowden's who do.  The Government-Corporate Monstrosity will ensure it.