Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Big Rubenstein

 WSJ reported:

As for all the noise in Washington and on the presidential-campaign trail about private-equity, Rubenstein said that’s quieted down now.

“Washington has so many problems and so many scandals to focus on that nobody is paying attention to private equity,” Rubenstein said. “If I went down Pennsylvania Avenue and said ‘I’m from private equity and I have some problems I’d want you to address,’ nobody would even care right now.”
Rubenstein's office sits on 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue.  The White House and Congress pander to Rubenstein, Carlyle and their PEU brethren.  PEU's want to be left alone and the rest of Pennsylvania Avenue is complying.

Update 6-19-13:  Carlyle's Rubenstein had dinner at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, where the occupant caters to PEU types.