Monday, July 15, 2013

Carlyle Looks for Deals in Northern Iraq

It took ten years after the fall of Saddam Hussein for The Carlyle Group to go deal hunting in Iraq.  Note Carlyle is only looking for deals in the Kurdish part of the country.  I wonder how Kurds will feel about Carlyle's deals with Turkish billionaire Mustafa Koc? 

Carlyle cofounder David Rubenstein helped Presidents George H.W. Bush and Barack Obama celebrate the 5,000th recipient of a Points of Light award.  In the aim of shedding light, consider Obama's comment regarding Bush, the Elder.

“After he left the White House, he kept going and going and going, in between skydiving and other activities.”  
Other activities included advising Rubenstein's Carlyle Group. The same Rubenstein regularly dines with President Obama and his advisors.

DowJones reported:

Global private equity firm the Carlyle Group is waiting for the end of Ramadan before starting talks on a new $750 million fund for the Middle East and North Africa, according to two investors familiar with the matter.

Carlyle wants any prospective investors to not be hungry or overheated.  Rubenstein knows personally how Middle Eastern investors act when angered.