Sunday, July 7, 2013

Obama to Power Africa: Soros & Albright to Profit?

WaPo's WonkBlog reported:

Obama promised $7 billion in financial support over the next five years to bring “electricity access” to 20 million new households in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria and Tanzania, as well as help countries like Mozambique develop their oil and gas resources.
The Blue team has a number of high profile members, Madeline Albright and George Soros with investments in power generation services

APR Energy LLC, a leading provider of major turnkey temporary power generation services, announced today that private investment funds managed separately by Soros Fund Management LLC and by existing investor, Albright Capital Management LLC, have committed to invest $250 million in the Company. The transaction provides substantial new growth capital, which APR Energy intends to use to significantly increase its fleet of power generators and expand its operating footprint in South America and Africa.
How might a portion of that $7 billion make its way into the pockets of Madeline & George?  Reuters gave several clues:

The company (APR Energy) primarily supplies government utilities in developing nations with interim solutions from six months to three years while the utilities look to install lasting power solutions. APR is also targeting mining, oil and gas industries for future business.

Soros and Albright teamed up on another investment, adding communication towers in Africa.  Towers need power.  Follow the money.

Update 8-9-14:  PEU's Carlyle Group and Blackstone will joint venture with Africa's richest man on powering Africa.  Good thing these people have rich government subsidies.

Update 3-23-22:   Madeline Albright died today.  Cancer took her life at the age of 84.