Sunday, July 28, 2013

Donald Graham Owns 40% of WaPo

Donald Graham's 2.9 million shares in The Washington Post give him roughly 40% ownership of the company.  The SEC filing stated:

Percent of Class Represented = 39.5%

Calculated based on 7,341,602 shares of Class B Common Stock outstanding 6,202,149 shares reported by the Company as outstanding on May 3, 2013 plus 1,139,453 shares issuable upon conversion of Class A Common Stock beneficially owned by Mr. Graham, share for share, into Class B Common Stock)

Graham's WaPo just invested in Forney, a manufacturer of industrial burners.  What did Graham learn in Watford in Hertfordshire that leads him to believe the globe burns for industrial flame?  Graham says it's an attractive return investment for the Post, nothing more.  I smell a PEU.