Sunday, August 21, 2016

WilmerHale Central to BP's Deepwater Horizon Success

The movie Deepwater Horizon will hit theaters September 30th.  It stars Mark Wahlberg and carries the following tag line "When faced with our darkest hour hope is not a tactic."  That's why BP hired DC powerhouse law firm WilmerHale after the company's 2010 explosion that killed scores of workers.  WilmerHale's Jamie Gorelick led the charge.

President Obama charged Interior Department chief Ken Salazar to conduct a through review of the incident.  Salazar bailed on that charge, deferring to a mix of other study commissions.  Salazar left public service in June 2013 to join WilmerHale.

Ken Salazar has a new job, assembling the White House team for Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.  That will be the team that responds to the next disaster.  Ken should have many people to consider if he's at former President Bill Clinton's birthday bash on Martha's Vineyard.

Oddly, the people of Louisiana are the perpetually ignored.  First, Bush strummed while Hurricane Katrina turned New Orleans into a cesspool.  The Obama team was somehow slower than Bush and FEMA poser Michael Brown.  Now flooded Louisianan's have to wait for Bill's birthday soiree to finish so Obama can commiserate with them.