Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Obama PEU: Richard Holbrooke

State Department special envoys Richard Holbrooke and Dennis Ross submitted their federal financial disclosure form, according to USA Today. They revealed yet another private equity underwriter (PEU) in Obama's stable. Mr. Holbrooke worked as Vice Chairman for Perseus LLC, receiving $736,582.

While Mr. Holbrooke is busy with Afghanistan and Pakistan, PEU's look to avoid Obama regulatory scrutiny. It appears their effort will be successful. Richard's forms showed:

Service on the AIG Board from 2001 to July 2008

2 Countrywide loans from the Friends of Angelo (Mozilla) program, one at 5% & the other at 5 3/8%

Speaking fees from Bear Stearns

Stock holdings in numerous American branded multi-nationals, including big oil, major health insurers, big pharma

BOA loan to finance partial interest ($500,000-$1 million) in a Cessna 680 jet, rate is 4.236%

It's a good day to be a PEU public servant in Washington, D.C. Ask Nancy-Ann DeParle.