Thursday, May 21, 2009

Evan Almighty Comes Through for Corporate Sponsors

Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN) voted against a renewable energy requirement, the only member of his party to do so. Curious as to why, I explored public information on lobbying and corporate individual/PAC donations.

Two of Evan's top twenty donors registered to lobby on the bill

9. US Steel--supported Senator Bayh with $38,000
13. Peabody Energy--gave $33,800 in donations

The Indiana Senator has an interesting donor list. The financial sector is well represented:

1. Goldman Sachs--$123,750
14, Oaktree Capital Management--$33,400
15. The Carlyle Group--$32,750
19. AIG--$26,700

The country watched hundreds of billions flow from taxpayer wallets into the above firms. Treasury and the Fed have countless ways of getting money to financial firms. The no accountability Congress provides hapless oversight. Which brings us to health care reform.

2. Eli Lilly--$65,722
7. Blue Cross/Blue Shield--$44,500

The Bayh household benefits from huge health insurer WellPoint. Mrs. Bayh sits on the board, bringing home twice her husband's annual bacon.

What Evan Bayh did for renewable energy, he can do for health care deform. He might even get some help. Courage to greed...