Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ex-Goldman & Obama Boys Go Bilderberging

Apparently the world financial crisis was topic #1 at the May 14-17 Bilderberg meeting. It was held on a secluded Greek isle. Reports say the group talked about a global Treasury Department, with the International Monetary Fund performing such a function.

Robert Zoellick, IMF Chief, is an ex-Goldman Sachs man as is Mario Draghi, the head of Italy's Central bank, but also the chair of the Financial Stability Board, a group remaking the global financial system. Both attended the Bilderberg soiree.

President Obama's support for Wall Street types is crystal clear. He had numerous members of his team in attendance at Bilderberg 2009. They include:

General James L. Jones
Richard Holbrooke
Dennis Ross
Henry Kissinger

Keith Sullivan

Tim Geithner
Larry Summers

Paul Volcker
James Steinberg
Paul Wolfowitz

Other American Bilderbergers include:
Robert Kagan
Richard Pearle

David Rockefeller

Henry Kravis

Roger Altman

Vernon Jordan
James Wolfensohn
Barnett Rubin
Niall Ferguson
Donald Graham-WaPo
Fareed Zakaria-Newsweek, CNN

What mischief did they get into? What plans did they make? The transparent and accountable Obama administration will say nothing on the matter. More soaring rhetoric and opaque implementation.

Now Change Means No Change from W.