Friday, October 14, 2016

Sisters of Providence Must be Horrified

Saint Vincent Hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts removed a kidney from the wrong patient.  The AP reported:

The surgeon in July was supposed to remove a kidney with a tumor from a patient at St. Vincent Hospital in Worcester, but instead removed a healthy kidney from a different patient with the same name.

Authorities say the hospital failed to follow proper patient identification protocols by checking birth dates. The patients were several years apart in age.
The AP did not report St. Vincent's ownership history:

In January 2005, Vanguard Health System purchased the facility. In 2013, Tenet Healthcare acquired Vanguard and continues to follow the longstanding Catholic tradition of quality care first established by the Sisters of Providence.
I'd venture the Sisters knew their patients well enough to not perform a procedure on the wrong patient. 

Given the hospital's for-profit status I'll venture the wallet biopsy was successfully done on the right patient.  Time will tell if other Sisters will regret their decision to sell to the greed and leverage boys.