Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Carlyle Group's AUM Decline Continues

WSJ reported on The Carlyle Group's assets under management (AUM):

The Washington, D.C., private-equity firm currently manages around $169 billion, up from $106.7 billion at the end of 2010. 
That's a charitable characterization for a financial paper.  Carlyle's AUM is down from $202.7 billion in Q2 2014.   Of the last 9 quarters Carlyle's AUM had but one slight uptick.  Seven were declines of roughly $2 billion or more.

Update 11-13-16:  WSJ reported Carlyle lost $400 million from its investment in a Moroccan oil refinery.   The loss came through Carlyle's Vermillion hedge fund.  The report said Carlyle's overall hedge fund business declined from nearly $15 billion in Q3 2014 to $1 billion.  That's a free fall.

Update 3-7-17:  Carlyle is in court asking Lloyd's of London to pay up for the stolen Moroccan oil.