Monday, March 2, 2009

From Dirty Daschle to Director DeParle: Expect For-Profit Health Care Reform

Sleazy Tom Daschle dropped from the top of President Obama's health care reform ticket, only to be replaced by a PEU, private equity underwriter. Nancy-Ann DeParle, Obama's new White House health care czar, works for CCMP Capital Advisers, a premier private equity firm. She sat on the board of eight for-profit health care companies. They paid her hundreds of thousands in board compensation and she received millions worth of stock. In 2007 alone, Ms. DeParle earned $450,000 in board compensation. I blogged the complete breakdown, with links to SEC filings, on my State of the Division blog. Now Change Means, No Change from W. Corporafornication lives. The White House Office of Health Deform is in business. For insight into Ms. DeParle's recent thinking, read up on adviser, Denny Shelton.
Update 2-19-21:  Nancy Ann Deparle had a banner payday after Consonance Capital sold Enclara Healthcare to Humana in 2020.  Enclara is "one of the nation's largest hospice and benefit management providers."  Yet, Humana intends to spin off Kindred Hospice as it prefers a partnership model for end of life care.