Friday, November 25, 2016

Celebrate Wealth: It's Here!

And President elect Trump's victory has the financial markets seeing green.  Relax.  Life is good.  Any parallels to 2007/2008 are clearly the work of negative and cynical people who hate life.  Ignore anyone who refers you to a Forbes retrospective which stated:

Fast forward to the financial meltdown of 2008 and what did we see? America again was celebrating. The economy was booming. Everyone seemed to be getting wealthier....
And then the wheels fell off the economic engine as it careened down Debt Mountain and bounced through Risk Gulch.  It can't happen again.  Surely, our leaders have instituted safeguards for more than themselves.

The greed and leverage boys, PEUs and Wall Street, only want to help the common man with their retirement needs.  Their products and financial machinations are completely safe.  

One can only vote for change and hope.  The rest is in their capable hands.  Ignore naysayers and Russian propagandists who suggest our leaders are capable of greed, influence peddling, evisceration and revenge.  It's party time!  Borrow, buy for there is no day of reckoning.

Confession:  This post is either completely sarcastic or intended to keep PEUReport off the WaPo fake news list.  I report, you decide!