Saturday, November 26, 2016

Propornot: Hillary's Tech Revenge?

PEUReport has long relied on a number of blogs for information and research not available on mainstream media sources.  Recently, a brand new organization Propornot called a number of these reliable sites "Russian Propaganda."  Propornot's researchers did not reveal their identities or their methods.

Naked Capitalism - started 2006
Washington's Blog -  ramped up March 2007
ZeroHedge - January 2009
I was struck by the implicit duality of Propornot, basically "he who is not with me is against me."   American democracy encompasses a wide range of ideas and a political election campaign should cover the continuum of economic, political, scientific, spiritual thought and incorporate countless other dimensions of human existence.

Why is there a need to collapse thinking into "Russian propaganda"? Because one narcissist won the election and the other lost. Narcissists are never responsible for the ill things other people impose on them, robbing them of their birthright and natural greatness.

Hillary Clinton tried hard.  Despite the help of Alphabet/Google's Eric Schmidt Hillary did not win the election as designed by our Founding Fathers.  The great Google technological advantage was undone.  How could this be?

Propornot reduced a number of respected websites to Russian propogandizers.  Propornot is even offering a Google Chrome browser tool to help citizen's identify "Russians are coming" websites.

Does anyone else find it odd that Google's browser stood ready to identify Russian propogandists so quickly after the election, one where its Chairman chose sides and supported startup Timshel.  Timshel shows a 2016 copyright date and its first blogpost came in February 2016.  I could find no relationship between Timshel and Propornot, but it's hard to research an organization with no identified parties. 

The following is solely my opinion.  I believe Propornot is a logical fallacy, "post hoc, ergo prompter hoc."  After this, therefore because of this.  Hillary Clinton lost the election, therefore it was caused by Russian propogandists.   This allows the Blue Team to avoid any critical examination of their several decade embrace of monied, power interests to the detriment of the common person.

Propornot shows the harm that can be inflicted with "big data" that implies relationship but fails to show causation.  Propornot's loose assertions would not result in an arrest, much less a conviction.  But this is the court of public opinion and frequently the bar is low.

The Washington Post - Propornot linkup points to group think that emanates from a central source, be it the winning political team, the losing team's techies wanting to massage the ego of their vanquished champion and/or a whittled down corporate media intent on disparaging those doing what they won't, look behind the political public curtain.

Thirty anonymous schleps wouldn't get this much free media attention from a storied newspaper.  Rest assured insiders are behind Propornot and they don't care about free speech or democracy.  They have a narrative to push and it's a divide and conquer duality.  Rise above and read.  

Statement:  PEUReport is an anonymous opinion blogger that utilizes research and management theory to expose the scourge of private equity which preys directly and indirectly on the common person.  It's no accident that wages and benefits have stagnated or declined as private equity became ubiquitous and conjoined with our Red and Blue political elite.  As an anonymous blogger I have no expectation that WaPo would ever run anything I've found, much less take it carte blanche.

Update 12-1-16:  Wall Street on Parade has their own theory about Propornot.   They note the WaPo author is the Technology reporter who interviewed Google's Eric Schmidt in 2014.  Schmidt ran the Hillary campaign's technology strategy.  My cognitive dissonance theory is a step further.  It could be an error or an idea whose time is yet to come.

Update 12-2-16:  The House introduced a bill aimed at Russian propaganda websites. This supports my statement in the above post re: group think from a central source.  Another support:  News media and intelligence agencies blame Russia for Trump's presidential win.

Update 12-8-16:  Hillary came out forcefully against "an epidemic of fake news."

Update 12-15-16:  The Russians are coming meme exploded across mainstream media outlets.  The DailyMail bothered to interview a recipient of the leaked Podesta e-mails and he claims it came from a Blue team whistleblower.  That's a far cry from a Ruskie submarine drop.

Update 12-17-16:  Hillary blamed Ruskies and FBI for her defeat.

Update 1-2-17:  Reporters continue to trust intelligence services who blame the Russians. Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi is pondering the story's truthfulness with so little evidence shared.

Update 3-25-17:   ZeroHedge identified further ties to members of the Blue Team wanting to shift blame for Hillary's blistering defeat to Russia.

Update 7-4-17:  NYT walked back its assertion that all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies agreed Russia was behind actions intended to interfere with the 2016 election.  It's now four agencies.

Update 10-23-19:  Washington's Blog will cease in part due to damage from being listed as a Propornot website.  This is a truly sad development.

Update 1-30-23:   Matt Taibbi revealed how Russian disinformation was spread.