Saturday, November 19, 2016

Inkwell PEU Boys Target Diverse Executives for Grand Returns

WSJ announced a new private equity underwriter (PEU) this week.   It's the Inkwell Group. 

Their press release stated:
The Inkwell Group, LLC, a new private equity firm, has launched with a distinctive strategy to leverage the proven power of racial and gender diversity to enhance business performance and build value. 

The Inkwell Group seeks to enhance lower middle-market companies through the addition of diverse executive and boardroom leadership.
The Inkwell logo has a strong resemblance to another Washington, D.C. based private equity underwriter (PEU)

The Carlyle Group has offices on Pennsylvania Avenue.  The Inkwell Group is on K Street.  Need I say more?

It's hard to throw a rock in our nation's capital and not hit a PEU or a member of the political team they support.  As the Red Team ushers in their spate of PEU political appointees the Blue Team doubled down with their appointment of Senator Chuck Schumer, a longtime private equity/Wall Street water carrier, as Senate Minority Leader. 

The Inkwell Group is a sign of our greed and leverage times.  The method for serious moneymaking is truly bipartisan.  Elections determine which team gets to stack the deck in favor of their PEU donors.