Saturday, November 19, 2016

Trump Considers PEU Bob Grady for Energy Secretary

Three candidates have been mentioned as possible Energy Secretaries under President elect Donald Trump, but only Bob Grady is a private equity underwriter (PEU).  Grady is currently with Gryphon Investors after spending nine years with The Carlyle Group.  Fortune reported:

At Carlyle, Grady focused most of his time running the firm’s venture capital investment program, which raised several funds. The last of those was in 2006, after which the group eventually morphed into a growth capital business before being shut down completely. Grady would transition into a regulatory role for Carlyle in late 2008, before leaving the firm the following summer to join a Wyoming-based investment firm called Cheyenne Capital. 
Gryphon's website had this to say about Grady:

Bob is a Partner and joined Gryphon in 2015 to head Gryphon’s General Industries Group and is responsible for leading the origination, monitoring and growth of portfolio investments and for managing the group.   Bob has over two decades of private equity experience, and is a member of Gryphon’s Investment Review Committee.
The Carlyle Group asked for public subsidies for natural gas power generation in California and for nuclear energy.  We'll see if an ex-Carlyle Group managing director Bob Grady gets the opportunity to support his fellow PEUs with their energy investments.