Monday, March 6, 2017

Carlyle's Citi Presentation

The Carlyle Group presented at the 2017 Citi Asset Management, Broker Dealer and Market Structure Conference.  I took the liberty of combining aspects of Carlyle's private equity performance into the image above.

1)  Carlyle has $17.5 billion in PEU dry powder to deploy in a market with elevated valuations.

2)  Carlyle's carry fund performance is in a four year decline falling from 30% in 2013 to 11% in 2016

3)  It's fee earning PEU assets under management is the second lowest for the six year period shown.

Embarking Carlyle plans to raise another $100 billion.

Update 3-7-17:  Carlyle's presentation made no mention of its legal efforts to force Lloyd's to pay for nearly $400 million of stolen Moroccan oil.

Update 3-8-17:  The Citi presentation fit with co-founder David Rubenstein's prediction that PEU returns would drop but remain attractive enough to draw more capital.  How might that change with Carlyle's purchase of Golden Goose?