Friday, August 16, 2019

Milken Publishes Reinhardt Chapter on Healthcare Costs

Milken Institute excerpted a chapter from Princeton Professor Uwe Reinhardt's posthumously published book, Priced Out: The Economic and Ethical Costs of American Health Care.  In 2013 Reinhardt said:

“Our hospitals spend twice as much on administration as any hospital anywhere in the world."
Reinhardt profited from excessive administrative costs via his stock ownership in Triad Hospitals, an operator of for-profit hospitals.

He received just over $2 million for his Triad shares.  Five years later Uwe got another $2 million from his Amerigroup shares

Reinhardt served on other for-profit healthcare corporate boards, including healthcare investment advisor Tekla. The Princeton professor profited handsomely from America's administrative cost heavy healthcare system.  That should be kept in mind as his work is considered.