Wednesday, August 28, 2019

PEU Rahm Says Democrats Fall in Love

Stephen Colbert hosted former private equity underwriter (PEU) Rahm Emanuel on The Late Show.  The pair talked about the Democratic Debates.  Rahm said Republicans fall in line while Democrats fall in love.

PEU Wasserstein Peralla freed Rahm to talk love by paying him $18 million in Emanuel's first Wall Street gig.  Emanuel recently joined former Treasury Secretary and Glass-Steagall destroyer Bob Rubin at Centerview Partners.  Centerview advised many PEUs on buyout deals.

As President Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm catered to the PEU class.  He dined with Carlyle Group co-founder David Rubenstein at the Blue Duck Tavern.  Carlyle was Emanuel's 16th biggest donor for his 2008 Congressional campaign.

Rahm's new employer Centerview advised Carlyle on a number of deals.

Centerview advised Energy Future Holdings, one of the largest PEU failures in history.

Rahm's appearance on The Late Show came after host Stephen Colbert imitated Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders.

Oddly, the billionaire class is who Rahm Emanuel serves.  That wasn't the topic of Colbert's interview.  It was the subject of guests the evening before.

The pair posted a graphic to highlight their concern:

Complex organizational relationships exist in the PEU world between affiliate and sponsor.  Below is an image from Energy Future Holdings' bankruptcy filing.

Democrats fell in love with money and power under Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.  Both catered to the PEU class as did Rahm Emanuel.

Press hating Emanuel will have a media platform courtesy of The Atlantic.  Watch for the bear hug and pivot toward what the greed and leverage boys desire.   That's Democratic love in action.