Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Clinton Sees "Wealth Potential Everywhere"

President Bill Clinton won't criticize Mitt Romney's Bain Capital experience.  That's because Clinton is also a private equity underwriter (PEU).  Clinton started as a advisor for Ron Burkle's Yucaipa and is currently Chairman of Teneo Capital's Advisory Board.  Britain's Tony Blair also advises Teneo.

Clinton won't slam private equity, as he is one.  Also, Clinton's Global Initiative counts on political and corporate heavyweights.  PEU's are ubiquitous across the globe.  President Clinton knows privatization and the politics of fellow back scratching.  That will be on display this week in Chicago, where Mayor Rahm Emanuel pushes his infrastructure bank.  That's one example Clinton offered to Maria Bartiromo during their CNBC interview.

We've got a Democratic mayor of Chicago who's working with all the Republicans in banking and finance there to give America its first urban infrastructure bank, something that used to have bipartisan support in Washington.  
Rahm will show up at Clinton's CGI America.

Chelsea worked for Avenue Capital and sits on IAC's board of directors.  Her annual board compensation is roughly $262,500. 

CGI America starts tomorrow, which helps explain Clinton's handling Romney's PEU background with soft gloves.  The new model of capitalism is colored Red and Blue.  It sees wealth potential everywhere, something not felt by most Americans.

Update 6-7-12:  Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a video out on Tax Increment Fund.  It follows a different video on Chicago's use of TIF's..

Update 6-16-13:  Hillary Clinton's favorite advisor Huma Abedin worked full time for the government and received big bucks consulting for Teneo.  Further evidence of the Government-Corporate Monstrosity.

Update 8-14-13:  The NYT finally noticed the sleaziness of the Clinton corporafornication model.   But they gave it short shrift, so the institutionalization solution could be proffered. 

Update 8-15-16:  ZeroHedge shared Huma Abedin also worked for the Clinton Global Initiative while also a government employee and Teneo consultant.